A Brief Introduction to the Art of Rally Racing

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In rally racing there are no such things as racing ovals, or pace cars, or rain delays, or snow delays, or anything like that.

In rally racing what you have is real cars racing against nothing but the clock—on closed-off sections of roads that are, generally speaking, unpaved and very difficult to maneuver on.

A rally event can go on for a number of days, and can run for many hundreds of miles through rain and snow and hail, and over both daylight hours and through the night.

A rally is a vicious test of speed, and skill, and endurance.

And that’s what makes it one of the world’s most exciting motor sports in the world today, a sport that has of late been growing in popularity all over the United States.

More and more racing fans are coming to realize that rally drivers are hands down the best all-around drivers in the entire world.

For them to be successful they must be able to race against the clock across every kind of road surface there is.

They must also be able to race against the clock across every kind of weather condition there is, and they must do it not just during the day but all through the night.

And they must do it for hundreds and hundreds of miles, demonstrating a stamina and endurance that is not necessary for other kinds of racing.

And what about the co-drivers? If a rally driver is going to be successful he must be teamed up with a first class co-driver.

Rally drivers are not allowed to practice the course and ‘figure it out,’ they must rely completely on their navigators (that is to say their co-driver) to win, and indeed even to survive.

The co-driver is equipped with a computerized odometer, by means of which he follows the route book which has been given to him by the rally organizers. Referring at all times to that book, he keeps the driver informed of what lies ahead on the tortuous course that they are following.

There is nothing in this world like a rally race!